Retro Computing: AmigaAMP

AmigaAMP is my WinAMP clone for the Amiga 'Classic' system. It has most of the functionality and features of WinAMP v2.x including skins, visualisation plugins and http streaming support. Please go to the Official AmigaAMP Homepage for more information.

GadTools rules!
The player comes with a fully fontsensitive, style guide conformous Amiga GadTools user interface and features multithreaded non-blocking windows for main interface, stream information and playlist.
GatTools GUI
WinAMP looks nice, too!
Too dull? Well, the same executable can be made look and behave like WinAMP just by ticking a checkbox in the configuration window. It can load all the WinAMP skins and can display a realtime spectrum analyzer.

680x0 Realtime Decoding
AmigaAMP can do realtime decoding even on slower 680x0 processors using Stephane Tavenard's highly optimized mpega.library. On a 68040-40 you can play Layer3 at half the sampling rate and with reduced quality. Full quality and sampling rate can be archieved with a 68060-50.

PowerUP and WarpUP Compatible
In addition to the 68k decoder AmigaAMP comes with two PPC native decoding engines one for PowerUP and one for WarpUP. Both engines feature high quality realtime decoding of Layer2 and Layer3 streams, graphic equalizer settings and full visualisation.

On a PPC604e-200 you can play two 128kbps Layer3 streams with equalizer switched on and crossfade between the two without taking much CPU load! The realtime analyzers will continue to run smoothly without any latency problems at all.

Light my Fire
  WarpUP compatible
AHI Compatible
AmigaAMP uses the widespread AHI Audio System at device access level. You can use it with any AHI compatible soundcard as well as with the original Amiga audio chipset.
AHI compatible

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