Retro Computing: Misc Amiga projects

Here's a quick overview of some of the smaller projects I've been working on.

Advanced AHI Recorder

A simple and easy to use harddisk recording tool with some extra features. The fast, precise level meter is active before and during record. You can change input, gain and monitor-level at any time. AHIRecord works with any AHI compatible recording device.
  • Multithreaded level meter and status display
  • Asynchronous writes to harddisk
  • Generates AIFF and WAV files
All in one compact 27KB Executable. Amiga makes it possible!

Current versions: AHIRecord 11.15a (68k) (04.04.2007) / AHIRecord 1.15 (OS4) (16.02.2007)


A versatile soundplayer that supports several filetypes and output devices. Amongst others it can play RIFF-Wave, AIFF, IFF-8SVX, SUN-Audio and decodes different compressions like µ-Law, A-Law and ADPCM. It can be used from Shell or from Workbench and can play directly through Amiga's soundchip, the MPro digital audio interface or the AHI audio system.

Current version: Play16 1.10 (04.12.1999)

Last changed: 27.05.15
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